Bunched Copper Wire Manufacturers

Bunched Copper Wire is a very good and economical method of producing smaller gauge copper conductor for something say like multi-strand house wire. The Bunched Copper Wire Manufacturer in Ahmedabad is made up of multiple copper strands and can bend easily. The solid wire has a single strand and is tough to bend and not easily used. The main purpose of solid wire when it is used for permanent connections and low flex applications. Some Examples are motors and transformers or for electrical wiring purposes.

Why it is beneficial

Solid copper is much cheaper and easier to make and it will be more susceptible to corrosion. Bunched copper wire is coated with various non-conductive materials. As it is bunched wire, it consists of small gauges that can be either braided or compressed. It is much easier to install bunched wire than solid wire due to the same cross-section. These wires have better resistance powers and they become harder when you bend them.